[pups] Needed 2.11BSD 9-track boot tapes

Gregory R. Travis greg at ciswired.com
Mon Aug 14 13:25:30 AEST 2000

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Steven M. Schultz wrote:

> > From: "Gregory R. Travis" <greg at ciswired.com>
> > What I have:
> > 
> > 	11/83, QBUS, 2MB, DH11, running RT-11 5.04 plus TSX
> > 		- Kermit is installed on the machine
> > 	2x CDC 384MB SMD disks attached to Emulex Controller emulating MSCP
> > 	1 DigiData 800/1600 BPI 9-track drive attached to TM-11 emulating
> > 	controller
> 	It wouldn't happen to be an Emulex UC07 or UC08 would it?   If so
> 	there are a couple possibilities that open up.

No, it's a DigiData board.  Single QBUS board.  Two 40-pin connectors.

> > How I can do that:
> > 	1.  Kermit transfer of 2.11BSD images to RT-11
> 	Slow but sure - the sum total of data to move is close to 80mb

I've already been waiting a few weeks :-)

> 	This can be made to work but it depends on having a program that can
> 	transfer the the files "bytes as bytes" (no record format 
> 	interpretation, etc) _and_ handle multiple blocking factors on the
> 	first tape.
> 	If you have the PDP-11 volume of the archives you should see in the
> 	PDP-11/Distributions/ucb/2.11BSD directory two files called 'maketape.c'
> 	and 'maketape.data'.  It's a small program and if a counterpart to
> 	that could be created for RT-11 you'd be all set to go.

Yeah, it's the RT-11 part that I don't know.  It's a little hard to believe
that in 20+ years no-one has come up with an RT-11 program to build
UNIX distribution tapes!  :-)   (again)

> > 	2.  A kind soul sends me a set of 9-track 2.11BSD tapes with
> > 	boot images.
> 	My tape drive may or may not work - it's been ages since it was
> 	last powered up and I fear the rubber parts may have disintegrated
> 	(or the capacitors dried out, etc).

The Windex and electrical tape are on me.  Did I mention that I would
happiliy provide 9-track boot service in the future?  That is.
once I can get a system running!

> 	If the Emulex controller you have is SCSI based (UC07 or 08) then
> 	someone could stage and make available a 2.11BSD Zip disk image 
> 	with all the stuff needed to boot and run the installation proceedure
> 	(I've a Zip disk attached to my UC08 - works great).
> 	Alternatively a 2.11 formatted CDROM could be created and a CDrom
> 	drive (that knew about 512 byte blocks instead of 2048 byte blocks)
> 	could be used.

Not SCSI, SMD/MSCP/Pertec formatted unfortunately


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