[pups] A new list member seeking help.

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Wed Dec 6 11:49:17 AEST 2000

Although some here may recognize me from the PDP-11 newsgroups, I am a
new member of the mailing list.  And I come with a problem right off the

Is there anyone here who can give me hand figuring out how to get more
than 1M of memory working on an 11/23+ and an 11/73??

This has me pulling my hair out!!  I have a couple of M7551 4M modules
but can't seem to make them work beyond setting them for 1M.

I have Ultrix-11 3.1 running (even with TCPIP!) and really would like
to get more memory so I can make them functional rather than just running.

Is there anyone here who can offer any help.

And as long as I have everyones attention, anyone here who knows anything
about the H777 power supply in the 11/24??  I've got a dead one and I
really miss my only UNIBUS machine.  Come to think of it, it would run
ULTRIX-11 pretty good as well if I could revive it.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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