No Answer to `Unix Mallet' Mystery

Warren Toomey wkt at
Tue Jan 4 10:08:05 AEST 2000

Hi all,
	I just received this e-mail from Keith Bostic, in reply to a
strange question which was discussed on this mailing list months (years?)
ago. Read on.....

----- Forwarded message from Keith Bostic -----

Hi, Warren, I'm digging out some old email, and found the following:

> [Chris] While looking over userland source, calendar(1)'s
>          mentions:
> 	     08/14   First Unix-based mallet created, 1954
> 	Could someone please explain the joke. :)
> [Warren] I can't find it in V6/V7/2.11. According to the SCCS records on
> 	 Kirk McKusick's 4th CD,
> 	 /usr/src/usr.bin/calendar/calendars/ was:
>         	date and time created 89/11/27 14:10:01 by bostic
> 	 Mind you, this was obviously the first time it was checked into SCCS.
> 	 The earliest files I can find, apart from the
> 	 SCCS record, are:
> 	 4bsd/43reno.vax/src.tar, dated 1989/11/28
> 	 4bsd/net2/net2.tar, dated 1989/11/28
> 	 4bsd/43reno.vax/usr.tar, dated 1990/07/29
> 	 so the finger of suspicion does point at Keith Bostic.

I think I'm just the one that checked it in... around that time
I went through the source tree and committed everything into
SCCS, and, my bet is that those files weren't already under SCCS.

I also broke the single calendar file up into a bunch of different
files as part of re-writing calendar(1) to make it AT&T free.

You might want to look in early releases for a "calendar" source
file, and not "" (although I'm not positive it
was named "calendar", I'm pretty sure that I broke an original
file up into multiple files, so I created the ""
file and filled it with stuff from an already existing file).

> So can you shed any light on this interesting entry in,
> was it a private joke, and were you the perpertrator?

Not me.  Did you ever figure out where the line came from?

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