200(0) Ancient UNIX Ulcers

norman at nose.cita.utoronto.ca norman at nose.cita.utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 5 09:56:48 AEST 2000

Michael Sokolov grumbled:

  > Warren's note reminds me of a few other Y2K bugs I've spotted that affect
  > ancient UNIX:

  Would you please avoid that term? It is offensive to those for whom Kernighan/
  Ritchie/Thompson/Berkeley UNIX is the primary and sole computing platform.
  Thank you.

If the shoe doesn't fit, feel free not to wear it.  I certainly didn't have
`Kernighan/Ritchie/Thompson/Berkeley UNIX' in mind; I rarely do, as I am
much more interested in ancient systems.

Chuckling all the way to the rest home,

Norman Wilson

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