200(0) Ancient UNIX Licenses

A. P. Garcia apg at execpc.com
Thu Jan 6 00:46:13 AEST 2000

> This brings up a question: should fixes (and I mean fundamental fixes
> like Y2K ones) be incorporated back into the boot images in the archive, or
> should they be left in their "pristine" state?  (Yes, i know, some of
> those boot images aren't quite so pristine.)

Ideally, both.  Perhaps boot images with these fixes should be available,
yes, but so should the originals.

> As long as we're on the topic, which versions of Unix had the C
> compiler recognize when it was recompiling the kernel and put a back
> door in for the developers?

Good question!  I don't know, but it was actually the login command...

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