I need help rewriting the 2.11BSD bootblock...

Daniel A. Seagraves DSEAGRAV at toad.xkl.com
Tue Jan 11 01:08:33 AEST 2000

Problem as follows:

I have a PDP-11/44, 2 DZ11s, a (currently nonfunctional) Emulex TC12
tape controller, a Pertec-type drive for that (known working), and a
Viking UDT MSCP <> SCSI disk controller.  Problem is, the Viking doesn't
raise the RACMDI bit upon completion of a command because interrupts are
off, so the boot loops forever.  I tried taking out the test for RACMDI
and just putting in delay loops, but that doesn't work.  (The boot hangs
later on trying to reset the controller.  I dunno if the I/O went or not.)

The controller and system are known good.  I can put RT-11 back on the disk
and it will run fine (excepting the date).  I have a 200 meg SCSI-1 drive
on there, it will get a 540 meg drive later.

Anyway, I need to change the boot.  I was told others had this problem too.
I lack MSCP docs and don't really have the knowledge to do this.  Can someone
help me, or at least point me at someone who can?  I'm more or less stuck for


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