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Warren Toomey wkt at
Thu Jan 20 09:54:33 AEST 2000

Hi all,
	Several new things have arrived in the PUPS Archive, so I thought
I'd pass on details of what and where.

Tim Shoppa has found & recovered the tapes from the following Usenix
conferences: 1983, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Their contents are now in
Applications/Shoppa_Tapes in the archive.

Dennis Ritchie has sent in two DECtape images, s1-bits and s2-bits.
s2-bits dates from 1972, and contains several 1st Edition binaries and
the binaries of an early C compiler. s1-bits is part of a disk image,
but I've been able to recover some of its contents: some application
source in both assembly and C. It seems to date from early 1973. Both
tapes are in Distributions/research/1972_stuff in the archive.

By using the C compiler binaries on s2-bits, I've been able to recompile
the two primeval C compilers whose source is in Applications/Early_C_Compilers
and which are described by Dennis on his web page at

Most recently, Dennis has also unearthed the on-line manual pages for
3rd and 4th Edition UNIX. They are in Distributions/research/Dennis_v3
and Distributions/research/Dennis_v3, respectively.

It still looks like all kernel code before 5th Edition is gone, except
for the nsys kernel code in Distributions/research/Dennis_v3 and a few bits
on paper that Dennis has.


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