More Mail from Alexey: anohrt Unix for Pro350

Warren Toomey wkt at
Wed Jan 26 10:52:28 AEST 2000

Hi all, I've received another e-mail from Alexey about some Y2K software
for Venix and 2BSD. He's also given me a copy of a Russian UNIX called
Demos. This is based on something like V7M, but Alexey says that its
better than Venix. I've only got a tar file with bins & src,  no disk
images. Anyone with a pro350 or 380 interested in looking at this?

Anyway, here's his latest e-mail and Date.c.		Warren

   From: Alexey Chupahin <achupahi at>

Hello Warren, I just receive letter from John Rosenberg. He
recommended me to resend date2 program. May be, my previous letter
didn't go to you, but to John? I just try to resend you date2.
The Date2 is good for first. Now I'm hacking RT-11 DIR (analogue
ls in Unix :-), unlike to Unix one,  DIR is very bad for Y2k.)
program with system library SYSLIB.OBJ.  When I finish it, I just
try to test and fix BSD system. Unfortunatly, I haven't any documents
described BSD library with utilites to see what subroutines/utilites
to be needed to fix. May be, I can find it on the Web? But I have
documentation for Inmos (Russian version7). I use it to see in
first time. Unlike to poor (but very good!) standard Version 7,
Russian one has 2 screen editors, including vi, and one Russian
multiscreen edit RED, editor like small MSWord for Pro, screen
menu-making/control programs and library, graphic, bisness programs
and libraries for Pro.  Unfortunatly, I have only documentation,
no any distributive...

When I finish BSD ( I hope to will finish it soon ) I'll just go
to Unix7 and 6.  I've got it from your site yet, Version 7 is booted
Ok... May be, vi from BSD still works in Unix7?

> Also, I am still not sure what to do about Demos. It's a pity that
> you don't have a bootable disk image for it.

Ok... Demos was very good-organized Unix for Pro-350/380... more
good then Inmos, how I'm hear...

Unfortunatly, I'm not rich student, but I wish to small used Alpha
for a long time.  I find ready to use Multia in Moscow for 450$.
In Russia we have a nearly 18$ per month (Crysis :-(   ) I have
360$ yet.  May be, anybody can help me for 90$...  ;-)


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