Sun release source code for Solaris 8

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> Greg Lehey <grog at> writes:
> >
> > The conditions look rather like the SCO ancient UNIX licences, but
> > it's *cheaper* ($75, which includes deliverables from Sun).  Warren,
> > is this ammunition to lobby SCO to drop the prices of Ancient UNIX
> > licenses?
> After looking at the site, it seems as though Sun is trying to prevent
> licence holders from sharing code with other licence holders.  If this
> is true, it would certainly make the Solaris licence less desirable to
> hobbyists than the ancient UNIX licence, unfortunately.

They don't "prevent" it, it seems that it is always steered by/at SUN.

>From the Webpage:

> If you want to make your source code modifications available to other
> source code licensees, you can do so by passing the changes back to Sun,
> Sun will then post them to a secure website that you and other registered
> may access.


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