Sun release source code for Solaris 8

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On Wednesday, 26 January 2000 at 17:42:54 -0800, Steven M. Schultz wrote:
>> From: "Joerg B. Micheel" <joerg at>
>> I think, popularity of Solaris might rather be restricted by its
>> performance. I have run Solaris x86 on my desktop for a while for
> 	Agreed.  I have run Solaris (only up thru 2.6 though) in its
> 	"native" environment (Sun hardware) and even there the performance
> 	is not anything one would write home about.  The difference between
> 	SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.x is dramatic in favor on the older leaner
> 	system.

That's my experience too, but it may not be typical.  For a large
system with a large number of processes (e.g. ftp server) the
comparison could be very different.

> 	I have not run Solarix x86 though but have heard from others (before
> 	this) that its performance is quite a bit less than a BSD* system.

Ditto.  I have a CD somewhere that I just couldn't be bothered

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