Sun release source code for Solaris 8

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> tough sell.  Several guys i know say the majority of new unix installs
> are Linux with few BSD.  They say the only BSD users that are growing
> are ISPs.

I think, that linux is somehow an entry in the unix world ;-)
After a while you notice, that *BSD is cleaner & more stable.

> Also, the white paper on BeOS claims that with all the new advances in
> hardware, modern OS's have too many layers, which they call 'silt', to
> allow them to use the hardware effectively.

Look what happened to linux & *BSD in the last months/years. They adapting
new technologies very fast ...

> They argue that only
> starting from scratch allows full use of modern technology, including
> multimedia advances.  How can FreeBSD keep up?  We don't have kernel
> threading and SMP support is still in the works, and most BSD features
> are 'add-ons'.  Should this be a concern for the future?

Don't be "concerned", build in the stuff you're missing ;-)


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