[pups] Pre-startup questions

W . Suika Roberts ssfr at unm.edu
Sun Jul 2 12:24:57 AEST 2000

I just (yesterday) aquired a microPDP 11/73 -- it had been used by my
school to operate some sort of geological test equipment that is no
longer present, and was working when it went out of service, who knows
how long ago.

She has a pair of RX02s, an RD52a inside her case, and that's all I've
determined so far, since I haven't opened her up, really, yet.

I'm interested in documentation on monitor commands, what the boot
sequence should look like, and other such software stuff right now.

I'm also wondering about useful things like: `Is the part number in a
standard location on each card', `What is the form factor difference
between Q-bus and Unibus', `Will starting her up trip the breaker', and
`How much space is there in that little rackmount'

In the near future, I'd like to find ethernet and SCSI adaptors for her,
and so am wondering where parts might be aquired.

	Suika (very happy) 
				 ssfr at unm.edu
The computer is not mightier than a cup of coffee, or other liquid, or a young
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