[pups] AT&T Unix Operating System for Writers Workbench Software?

Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Tue Jul 11 09:51:19 AEST 2000

>I believe WWB was an offshoot or derivative of PWB, the Programmer's Workbench,
>which was a special version of V6.  I think WWB was where "pic" first showed
>up.  PWB was, I think V6 with a few extra utilities added.  WWB may be the same.

I don't think what I've found here is that major.  It starts
with a Makefile:

#             Makefile: Writer's Workbench system version, 5/26/83
#               makefile for the WRITER'S WORKBENCH SYSTEM
#       This package includes over 30 programs that suggest improvements
#       to written documents, including improved versions of the
#       Style  and Diction programs as well as many more writing aids.

and the README says:

       This file gives instructions for building and installing the Writer's
       Workbench system source  code.  This information is also contained
       in the document "UNIX(TM) Writer's Workbench Software Installation
       and Administration Guide."

These particular tapes have been stored in absolutely horrible conditions
(pretty much kept in an outdoors storage shed during both winter and summer for
the past decade) and I'm going to have to bake and/or lubricate them before I
make a not-half-assed attempt at recovering them.  The PDP11/70 tape is
particularly bad (it actually broke when I was just loading it into
the drive!) and it may be a goner.

I don't see any obvious mentions of 'pic' in what I read so far.

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