[pups] Getting a MicroPDP-11 Running

Jeremy Bingham jeremy at mail.flyingcroc.net
Tue Jul 25 10:37:47 AEST 2000

I just acquired a MicroPDP-11 from a Goodwill a couple of days ago with a
RX50-A dual 400KB floppy and an RD52 31/33(?)MB hard drive, but it doesn't 
have a tape drive. My questions are:

1.) What UNIXes have been successfully loaded onto these types of machines?

2.) Can it be done without a tape? If so, has anybody pulled it off?

3.) Are there any utilities, either DOS or UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD based, to write
and/or format RX50 floppies?

I tried looking through the mail archive, but there didn't seem to be anything
there that addressed this question. Thanks in advance to everybody.



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