[pups] Overlays?

Jorgen Pehrson jp at spektr.eu.org
Sun Jul 30 11:54:32 AEST 2000

I've just installed 2.11BSD on one of my PDPs, from a TK50 tape I just
re-discovered in the trunk of my car. And now I'm in the process of
applying patches. When I installed patch 412 and started to rebuild the
kernel, ld complains with a "ld: too big for type 431". 
Does this means that I have to rearrange stuff between the BASE and the
various OV entries?

How can I find out which overlay is too big? I've tried to do a:
138% root--> size unix.o
text    data    bss     dec     hex
52352   6928    37622   96902   17a86   total text: 115520
        overlays: 7680,7232,7808,7744,4864,8576,4736,6848,7680

How big is too big? And also if none of the overlays above are too big, I
guess it must be the BASE that is too big? 

Is there some sort of documentation anywhere that describe this voodoo
stuff and black magic a bit? 

Btw, I've put my makefile is at http://spektr.eu.org/~jp/Makefile.LOKE. 
Any suggestions on what .o file I should move to what overlay?


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