What to look for in a PDP machine?

Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Thu Jun 1 06:00:03 AEST 2000

>The drive cabinet had a panel on it with:
>           RDY  1  WP
>           RDY  0  WP
>           HALT  RESTART
>           DCOK    RUN
>buttons on it.  That seems DECish.

It sounds like a BA23, the DEC standard 8-slot Q-bus chassis.

>Anyone have any ideas as to what it might be?

Q-bus CPU's can be anything from a PDP-11/03 up to a Microvax,
and even some third-party CPU's with odd things like 68000's
and Z80's on them.  You really gotta look in the CPU box and
find the CPU board to determine what it is.  The badge on the
front of the BA23 may bear no relation to what's installed in

If it is an -11, it's very likely an 11/73, /83 or 11/93,
possibly a 11/23.

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