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David C. Jenner djenner at
Tue Jun 6 13:50:14 AEST 2000

There are at least two *NIXes that run on the Pro.

There are apparently patches for 2.9BSD available
that allow that version to run on the Pro.  I don't
have any experience with that.

There are two versions of Venix that run on the Pro.
  1) Venix/Pro came directly from Venturecom.
     It exists in Version 1 and Version 2.
  2) Pro/Venix came from DEC, but was a slight
     rework of Venix originally from Venturecom.
     I.e., DEC worked over Venix/Pro and issued a
     version itself called Pro/Venix.

Venix/Pro versions 1 and 2 are available from the
archives at  This means, ostensibly,
that Venix/Pro is in the "public domain".  Pro/Venix
could also be in the public domain, subject to the
Ancient Unix License, since it originates from Version
7 and System III from AT&T.  Bob Supnick, who was at
DEC, once stated he saw no reason why it couldn't be
a part of the PUPS archive under the AU License.

I have an incomplete set of Pro/Venix.  A couple of
the floppies are bad.  I would like to find a copy
of Pro/Venix that is installable, as it is more
flexible than Venix/Pro.  If anyone out there has
any Pro/Venix floppies, I'd be grateful to hear about


emanuel stiebler wrote:
> Hi all,
> Any chance to get a unix running on them ?
> cheers & thanks,
> emanuel

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