Newer BSD thingies....nice but then again....

rdkeys at rdkeys at
Thu Jun 8 07:36:19 AEST 2000

> > When will scsi development proceed.... I have this scsi VAX sitting........
> > Actually several VS3100, uV3100, things..... sitting.........

> NetBSD-current runs well on VAXstations 3100 and 4000m{60,90}. OK, it
> is no pure BSD in Michaels sense and it is not that lean. But it is a
> good OS, free, modern, ...

True, and I run about a dozen NetBSD critters (minor VAXen, MIPSen, Sun68ken,
etc.) in my basement.  But, I still do like the simple minded leanness of
a 4.3BSD.  I once sat down and loaded up 4.3Tahoe, 4.3Reno, 4.4, 4.4Lite2
(mostly) on my RT's, and you could really tell the difference as the bloat
transcended out of the 4.3 arena.  On a 12.5 mhz box, you can feel the
difference (what about a MVII at its liesurely pace?).  So, I do think
it would be a reasonable effort to keep something like a tiny 4.3 system
afloat for the older and the newer toyz.  Whether or not it is practical,
or we have the time to do that... who knows....  mebbie, at least for some
historical play.

I do like the new scsi drivers in NetBSD VAX, though... it makes the old
toyz fly like the wind.....(:+}}...


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