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> This thread has gotten *way* beyond what I (and I'll bet many others)
> read this list for.

I *think* you wrote this in reply to Steven Schultz's message, (at least
that's the impression I got from the headers indicating it was a direct
reply to his message), but that doesn't make much sense because what he
wrote about was *exactly* on target for what this list is about: Running
Unix on PDP-11's.

OK, his jabs at Solaris probably weren't exactly on topic, but let's
look at what else he discussed:

* The disklabel implementation on 2.11BSD and its roots in other Unices.

* The history of MSCP drivers in 2.11BSD and other BSD-derived Unices.

* Efficient use of DHQ and DHV async multiplexers in Unix.

* The history of sh, csh, and tcsh, some introduction to how they use
  overlays on PDP-11 Unices, and the application of split I/D techniques
  to their operation.

All of these are, IMHO, very worthy topics of discussion for a mailing
list about PDP-11 Unix, and they were all direct from the expert on the
subject(s).  What else would a subscriber to the PUPS list be looking for?

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