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Sat Jun 10 11:54:48 AEST 2000

On Friday,  9 June 2000 at 15:23:55 -0700, David O'Brien wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 04:59:09PM -0400, Tim Shoppa wrote:
>>> This thread has gotten *way* beyond what I (and I'll bet many others)
>>> read this list for.
>> I *think* you wrote this in reply to Steven Schultz's message, (at least
> Yes, I wrote it in reply to Steven's message.  Not it as not directed
> directly at Steven, it is for everyone that is engaged in this hardware
> discussion.
>> All of these are, IMHO, very worthy topics of discussion for a mailing
>> list about PDP-11 Unix, and they were all direct from the expert on the
>> subject(s).  What else would a subscriber to the PUPS list be looking for?
> This goes back to the UHS / PUPS discussion.  I didn't vote so before,
> but maybe it is time to separate the mail for the two.  I agree that the
> first posts were interesting in the historical insight that could be
> gained.  But this thread has turned into a rather long hardware
> discussion applicable to only a handful of people that have this
> hardware.
> I do not mean to be mean, but it seems moving this to some PDP-11 list (I
> guess one needs to be created) would be possible.

Well, FWIW this *is* the PDP-11 list.  But I thought it was
interesting way beyond the PDP-11 aspect.  Some of these things
(write-protected labels, for example) still shape FreeBSD, for

I don't think we really have enough mail to justify two lists.  Most
of us probably ditch more than 50% of their mail every day anyway; if
this doesn't interest you, why not just delete it?

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