problems booting 2.11_rp_unknown

Christian Groessler cpg at
Mon Jun 12 10:37:24 AEST 2000

On 06/11/2000 11:36:45 PM GMT "Steven M. Schultz" wrote:
>> PDP-11 simulator V2.3d
>> sim> set cpu 18b
>    Try "set cpu 22b" instead.  Using 18b tells the simulator you have
>    a 248kb (and 8kb for the I/O page) machine and that is not enough
>    for 2.11 to load and allocate all the resources it needs.
>> panic: buffers
>    Yep -that panic message says the kernel could not allocate any
>    memory for the buffer cache.  I am almost certain that means
>    there is not enough free memory left out of 248kb.
>> What am I doing wrong?
>    Try telling the emulator to use "22bit" mode.  If that still
>    fails let us know.  Then it will be time for "Plan B" ;)

Hmm, sorry, it still doesn't work:
gibbon:/net/scharfzahn/playing/boot_images$ pdp11

PDP-11 simulator V2.3d
sim> set cpu 22b
sim> att rp0 2.11_rp_unknown
sim> boot rp

53Boot from xp(0,0,0) at 0176700
: xp(0,0,0)unix
Boot: bootdev=05000 bootcsr=0176700

2.11 BSD UNIX #11: Tue Jan 6 16:57:02 MET 1998
    root at

panic: buffers
no fs on dev 10/0

dumping to dev 5001 off 512
dump args:EINVAL

HALT instruction, PC: 006606 (JSR R5,3162)

What is "Plan B"?  :-)


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