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 > * David O'Brien wrote:
 > > This goes back to the UHS / PUPS discussion.  I didn't vote so before,
 > > but maybe it is time to separate the mail for the two.  I agree that the
 > > first posts were interesting in the historical insight that could be
 > > gained.  But this thread has turned into a rather long hardware
 > > discussion applicable to only a handful of people that have this
 > > hardware.
 > > I do not mean to be mean, but it seems moving this to some PDP-11 list (I
 > > guess one needs to be created) would be possible.
 > Please don't.  I love reading discussions of random old bits of
 > hardware, and such discussions have gone on on the PUPS list for a
 > long time.

So do I. Actually I can understand the need of some participants to
somehow reduce their mail volume. On the other side, it seems to be
quite difficult to draw the exact line between on- and
offtopic. Personally I try to filter as good as I can, and admittedly I
do not read everything at once (and sometimes only weeks later).

Regards -- Markus

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