Tim Shoppa SHOPPA at trailing-edge.com
Sat Jun 17 00:07:07 AEST 2000

>> * A set of tar files on a tape claiming to be the "4.4BSD snapshot
>>   4/1/92".  Is PUPS/TUHS collecting anything anything this late?  Is
>>   something like this already in Kirk's archive?

>Kirk, you'll have to fill me in on this one. Is this the "4.4BSD-Alpha" I've
>seen mentioned in some places? In any case this is not on Kirk's CD-ROMs and
>I'll include it in my 4BSD collection.

I found a separate tape, labeled "August 23, 1992", with a matching cover
letter (signed by Kirk McKusick) saying "This is a distribution tape
for the 4.4BSD-Alpha release ... The binaries and kernel on the
tape support the HP 9000/300 68000-based workstations...".  Is this
the holy grail?

I would guess the "4.4BSD snapshot 4/1/92" is pre-release.

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