PUPS/TUHS should not be divisive

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Sun Jun 18 01:04:30 AEST 2000

David O'Brien <obrien at NUXI.com> wrote:

> Not to mention we owe the entire Open Source BSD availability to Keith.
> [snipped description of how Bostic, like a murderous American surgeon, cut
>  out with his butcher knife all the Holy Original True Pure UNIX(R) code, the
>  code that made BSD Berkeley UNIX(R) and not just some little mortal *BSD,
>  and replaced it with cheap plastic prostetics]

It is *this* that I consider Bostic the killer of CSRG, of True BSD, and of
True UNIX for. I don't fscking care whether you call it free or not. The True
UNIX code is free to those who have access to it, in the sense that they can
make arbitrary modifications to it and freely redistribute it within the circle
of accessees. Pure UNIX is completely open source: it is not usable at all
without the source, so everyone who has it has the source. Either you have the
source or you don't run UNIX. No binary-only distributions. Previously the
circle of UNIX accessees was limited to universities, but then they were the
only ones who could afford the hardware needed to run UNIX and the electric
bills that come with it, so this really wasn't an issue. Someone who wasn't
part of a university with a UNIX source license was almost certainly in no
position to run UNIX or have an interest in it anyway. Now the situation has
changed, and many people run PDP-11s and VAXen on a hobbyist basis in their
homes, but the licensing situation has changed accordingly too: now it's a free
clickwrap license.

If it isn't Ritchie and Thompson's original UNIX code, then it isn't UNIX. And
I want UNIX, in four capitals with an R-in-circle superscript. I don't care
about clones and workalikes and copycats. However "modern" they are, they are
still mere clones and copycats. And I want the genuine article.

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