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Mon Jun 19 11:25:02 AEST 2000

In article by Alan F R Bain:
> Warren, 
> Maybe it would be possible to have list guidelines.
> Alan

Here is the PUPS list charter. If you have violent opposition to it, then
please e-mail me.


The PUPS list on promotes communication between those
people who are interested in the versions of Unix which ran on PDP-11s. Unix
is defined as the set of operating systems who can trace their source code
ancestry back to the 1st to 7th Editions of research UNIX from Bell Labs.

Topics that fall within the list's charter include:

	+ how to install, configure & maintain a PDP-11 Unix system
	+ discussion of PDP-11 hardware issues related to PDP-11 Unix
	+ applications for PDP-11 Unix systems
	+ modification of PDP-11 Unix systems
	+ technical comparisons between PDP-11 Unix systems
	+ anecdotes relating to the history & development of PDP-11 Unix
	+ discussion & announcements of the contents of the PDP-11
	  section of the Unix Archive

Topics that fall outside of the list's charter include:

	+ discussion on non PDP-11 Unix systems, unless they are being
	  compared technically with PDP-11 Unix systems
	+ attacks on particular individuals, groups or organisations
	+ postings which disenfranchise or alienate a individual list
	  subscriber, a group of subscribers, or a particular version
	  of PDP-11 Unix

The list will, in general, not be moderated. However, if a list subscriber
continues to send off-charter postings to the list after warnings to that
effect, then their postings may be moderated.

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