4.4BSD-Alpha in the TUHS/PUPS archive 4BSD area

Markus Leypold leypold at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Jun 19 17:58:11 AEST 2000

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 > Date: Fri, 16 Jun 00 15:12:55 CDT
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 > Quasijarus Consortium members and TUHS/PUPS archive users,
 > Today Tim Shoppa has read the HP300 4.4BSD-Alpha distribution on a 9-track 6250
 > BPI tape and I have just put it in the archive. It is in
 > Distributions/4bsd/4.4BSD-Alpha
 > Of course we generally don't do 4.4BSD, but we do include it in the archival
 > and preservation section of our project.

Hi Friends,

I really appreciate that. I'm - generally - more a reader than a user
of ancient code, so concentration on a certain version (or
architecture, i.e.  BSD vs the VAX or others) is not as important for
me as is an uninterupted, complete coverage of historical versions.

Having access to this version of BSD4.4 and (soon) all the other
stuff, Tim Shoppa discovered recently, is really GREAT for me.

Please keep everything You can. I think I can predict reliably, future
generations of software historians will be very thankful.

Regards -- Markus

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