PUPS/TUHS UNIX scope.....

rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Jun 20 06:06:24 AEST 2000

> According to Warren's Charter, PUPS and TUHS are both specifically for UNIX.
> His Charter defines UNIX as follows:
> "Unix is defined as the set of operating systems who can trace their source
> code ancestry back to the 1st to 7th Editions of research UNIX from Bell Labs."
> Any system that fits this definition automatically falls under the original
> UNIX copyright and may not be distributed outside the circle of UNIX source
> licensees. Therefore, if you think that FreeBSD fits this definition and
> belongs in this group, you must stop publicly distributing it. Otherwise, it
> does not belong in the archive or on these lists.

One might easily consider Warren's Charter definition, following the wording
closely, to mean that it includes successor derivatives of V1-V7.  That
might particularly include the BSD's, be they original CSRG code or
derived code, which can be traced back through CSRG, to V1-V7.

All of the x86ish derivations can be traced back to Jolitz's port which
had its beginnings around 4.3 or 4.3-Tahoe, if I am remembering the source
tree structure in one of my source trees.

Thus, technically, a direct lineal descent case of 386BSD, NetBSD, and
FreeBSD, up through the point of unencumbering, could be made as subject
to Warren's Charter definition, and subject to our archiving scope.


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