[pups] 11/23 and other qbus machines

Tim Bradshaw tfb at cley.com
Fri Jun 30 02:17:16 AEST 2000

I'm maybe going to acquire an 11/23.  It looks like this is kind of
small for running v7 and/or 2.11 as it has no split I/D (it does have
an MMU in it but only an 18-bit one I think).

How similar is the physical hardware (card cage I mean really) of this
to things like 11/73,11/83?  I'm wondering if I might one day be able
to acquire a card-set from something bigger and install it in the same
rack, my logic being that cards are a lot easier to get from far away
than racks, and this machine is only a few miles away.



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