DEC documentation preservation [RE: VS3100m76 ethernet problem (fwd)]

Brian Chase bdc at
Thu Mar 9 09:40:19 AEST 2000

I saw the following on the linux-vax list.  It seems to me it might be
worthwhile for us to get more info on the scope of the project, its terms,
and to see if we can collectively contribute to it.  We'd all benefit from
having better access to old DEC documentation.


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Subject: RE: VS3100m76 ethernet problem

> > I took out the Owners manual that I forgot to send you, but it
> > states that 0000.0001 is normal, and if the last digit is anything
> > else it should/could still work normaly. Every error in the Error Code
> > table is 0000.x00y (for example: 0000.600C Loopback failed).

The Dallas/Fort Worth DECUS local users group is scanning all Digital
documentation, no matter how old.  You might contact them
(denton at or wisniewski at to see if they'd like to
copy your manuals.

You get a free copy of everything they've scanned when they finish.

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