Installing an OS on my little friendly VAX-11.

Jeff Johnson jeff+pups at
Thu May 25 05:02:07 AEST 2000

Hey guys.  I've got a VAXstation 2000 with 12MB of RAM, and two RD54 drives,
one of which is developing bad sectors (the secondary).  I've got the
eight bitplane graphics card and no terminal available.  I'd really love to
get a copy of Ultrix 4.2 installed on this machine, but from what I can
tell it isn't available.  I also don't have a TK50 or any external storage,
so it looks like I'll be netbooting.

The machine currently has OpenVMS 7.2 on it which I can re-license and get
running if it would help for an install.  I've had almost no success with
NetBSD either.  The only kernel that would boot was a 1.3 snapshot release.
All of the 1.4 kernels crap out immediately upon booting, and nobodys seems
to be able to help me.

Also, if anyone has a source for additional expansion for this machine, I'd
be grateful.  Thanks very much for your time.  I really want to get this
machine up and running again.

Jeffrey H. Johnson - jeff at - System Administration - TrN
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