[pups] What hard drives to look for for PDP-11 use?

rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Oct 12 00:29:18 AEST 2000

> 	It is going to take some creative symlink and mount point work to
> 	fit 2.11 into 20MB disks - the system really expects to have ~80MB
> 	at least for /usr.   An RD54 at 159MB is more than enough but a RD53
> 	paired with a couple RD32/3 would be adequate.
> 	Steven Schultz
> 	sms at to.gd-es.com

Steven.... I have been thinking of trying to find a PDP-11 of some sort
(like hunting for needles in a hay stack in this part of the woods, but
maybe something will surface).  Anyway... for the sake of discussion,
and general dumpster diving knowledge....

1.  What mfm hard drives from the non-DEC world could be adapted to
    work on a PDP-11?

2.  Can any scsi drives be used (RZ-23's or that kind of thing?).

I often run across lots of smaller DEC scsi drives in MooU surplus,
as well as assorted MFM drives from retired AT crates.  IF I can
find out what is worth saving to use, that would be great info
to have handy, whilst dumpster diving.  At a buck or two a chassis,
it is worth saving a few drives, provided I know what to save.

I will assume the target OS is 2.11BSD or 2.9BSD, since those seem
to handle the greatest assortment of hardware types.

Can any of these non-DEC drives be adapted to MVII use?

Can any of the early MFM or ESDI Sun drives be used?

I vaguely remember some notes on some of this somewhere.  Any urls
or pointers thereto would be appreciated.


Bob Keys
rdkeys at unity.ncsu.edu

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