FW: [pups] A bootable disk image for a PDP-11/34?

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> This is a real stretch for my brain, but I seem to recall that the
> ";" that appeared in ";login:" in the 1970s was sort-of "bleed-through"
> from an escape sequence that was intended to do cursor positioning
> and/or screen-clearing on some terminals... or something like that...
> therefore its absence would not necessarily be significant on different
> hardware.

Oh, yes.  I was just hiding my previous knowledge.  The ";" and ":" in
the login prompt were the visible part of escape sequences to control a
Teletype KSR37.  They didn't do anything useful on a VT05 but did show
up on the screen.

Unix Sixth Edition predates the common availability of even the dumbest
CRT terminals.  There are still a lot of TTY37 control codes hanging
around in nroff output.


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