[pups] V6 and PDP-11/34

Jay Jaeger cube1 at home.com
Sun Feb 4 10:50:25 AEST 2001

I *have* *run* the standard Unix V6 distribution on my PDP 11/34.  Works 
just fine.

I also compared my V6 distribution image with the one on PUPS (years ago) 
and they matched just fine.

Load the pack from the RK05 image after the 100 (IIRC) block tape to disk 
loader program [how you get it there is another issue, of course...  8-)], 
boot up, type rkunix at the "@" and away you go.

I did not use the tape to disk program on the tape image, however -- I 
didn't have a tape drive at the time IIRC.  I have a standalone program 
that used a parallel port on my PC and a DR11 on my PDP-11 to write it, 
IIRC, but I might have used XMODEM and a serial port -- its been a lonnnng 
time since I did it.

Jay Jaeger

Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 09:13:30 +1100 (EST)
From: Warren Toomey <pups at minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au>
Subject: Re: [pups] A bootable disk image for a PDP-11/34?

In article by Carl Lowenstein:
 > Just from the historical point of view, note that the first major
 > file on a genuine 6th Edition distribution tape _is_ a bootable
 > RK05 image.  Something like 4000 blocks.
 >     carl

Yes, but it doesn't boot on an 11/34 :(
That's the problem.

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