[pups] Hardware config for 2.11BSD Installation on PDP-11/73

Chuck Dickman chd at nktelco.net
Mon Feb 5 08:46:00 AEST 2001


I have a PDP-11/73 on which I have installed 2.11 BSD from the PUPS
archives. I have a few hardware configurations questions that I hope
someone might be able to help me with.

The memory board that I have was made by Clearpoint Inc. The board
has the markings Q-RAM 44B REV. B and GSB-2. Unfortunately, I have
no documentation for the board. The board originally had 1 MB
installed, and I added another 1 MB of chips. The extra chips were
not recognized though. Does anyone have information on the jumper
settings for this board?

I have two MSCP controllers installed. One is a CMD CQD-220/M SCSI
controller with one drive attached, CSR is the first MSCP controller,
and unit is set to 0. The second is an RQDX3 with an RX50 attached. 
It is set with CSR at the second MSCP controller address. The 
jumpers are set for unit 1. The result is that I have a SCSI drive
at DU0 and the RX50's at DU4 and DU5 during boot.

DU0 is ra0 and DU4 is ra12 in 2.11 BSD. If I change the jumpers on
RQDX3 to unit 2, I boot at DU8, the first RX50, but I can no longer
access the floppies from 2.11 BSD. Looking at the sources, it seems
that the drive number is limited to 0-7, but the controller seems to
want unit number 8. What am I missing? This seems to occur both in
the kernel and in the standalone installation system.

Chuck Dickman
chd at nktelco.net

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