[pups] /bin/ps (and /var/run/psdatabase) corrupt in installation set?

Martijn van Buul pino at dohd.org
Thu Feb 8 06:22:52 AEST 2001


I kind of solved my problems with ps, just by recompiling the 
source.. I think I've got reasons to believe that /bin/ps as distributed
in the installation set on minnie is corrupt; it only dumps core.

As a side note, /var/run/psdatabase is corrupt too; normally this wouldn't
matter (since ps -U recompiles this, and since ps -U is run in /etc/rc),
but since ps dumps core...

Anyway; If I would've known about /var/run/psdatabase, it might have 
prevented me from searching a non-existant bug during the last few months :)

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