[pups] RE: Unix Archive mirror site offer

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Thu Feb 15 13:01:45 AEST 2001


Good news so far.  I did some work on VTserver 2.0, and added the uODT code
so it
uploads the PDP-11 boot code to the machine and gets it going.  That works
"copy" gets loaded, and I can transfer stuff from and to the machine's RX50
RD51 units.

My biggest worry next, of course, is using an emulator to emulate my machine
is a MicroPDP-11/23, by the way) and its disks, and build a working set of
systems.  Those I can then transfer to the raw disk.

When playing, I noticed that the RD51 is a plain Seagate ST412 MFM drive...
did anyone
try to use other MFM disks with the RQDX series controllers?  I can probably
get some
very cheap ST251 40MB drives.. ;)


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> Sent: dinsdag 13 februari 2001 2:22
> To: Fred N. van Kempen
> Subject: Re: Unix Archive mirror site offer
> In article by Fred N. van Kempen:
> > Here's a promise... if I can get my MicroVAX 3400 back up 
> (on Ultrix 4.4),
> > I'll run the archive on that box... (pups.microwalt.net or
> > tuhs.microwalt.net)
> > so all the old stuff is hosted on old stuff... otherwise 
> it's going to be a
> > Sun SPARCstation Classic- also an old box, but not quite as old :)
> Excellent. I believe Caldera have bought the rights to UNIX 
> from SCO, and
> I"ve heard rumours that they might drop the ``click on the 
> license'' thing,
> so if that happens we can make the archive available with no 
> passwords.
> > Also: I am working with Bill Grunshannon and Steven Schultz 
> on getting my
> > own
> > MicroPDP-11/23 back up... we need to include your VTserver 
> stuff into the
> > Ultrix-11 source tree, recompile parts, move into binary 
> tree, and create a
> > new tape which I can then load.  Bill has a working 11/73 
> with Ultrix-11 on
> > it,
> > and also has an 11/93 with same.
> > 
> My new VTserver can load in and write entire disk images now, 
> so it should
> be usable to install an Ultrix disk image.
> http://minnie.cs.adfa.edu.au/Vtserver.
> I'll be back at work tomorrow or the nxet day.
> Cheers,
> 	Warren

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