[pups] Making disk images

Warren Toomey wkt at henry.cs.adfa.edu.au
Sat Feb 17 07:33:52 AEST 2001

In article by Bill Gunshannon:
> > Use dd in single-user mode and dump it to a tape :-) That's all.
> To a tape??  What about just dumping it to a file on another disk??

Yep, that works too!

> > > And on a further note, if I made a .dsk of the
> > > RA81 I currently have Ultrix-11 running from, are there any of the
> > > emulators that would be able to use this??
> > Yes please!
> Which emulator might I be able to test this out on??  Or do I need to
> find something other than an RA81 to dump??
> bill

What PDP-11 model do you have? Then I can tell you what emulators will
be suitable.


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