[pups] board id help and another Ultrix-11 update

David C. Jenner djenner at halcyon.com
Mon Feb 19 04:08:26 AEST 2001


The DSD card is likely for a DSD 880 system, which has one 8" floppy
and one (8"?) Winchester drive.  The combo emulates an RX02 and a
couple of RL01/RL02 drives.  The controller card is basically useless
unless you have the DSD chassis with the floppy, harddrive, and custom
electronics.  The DSD 880 is not uncommon, so you might be able to
find one around.


Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> I have finally found the time to play with my 11/93 (the bad news is
> it is an un-recognizable CPU for the Ultrix-11 install tape, but we'll
> cross that bridge later.)  Other than the usual compliment of MicroPDP
> boards (Ethernet, RQDX3) this one has a board made by a company called
> "Data Systems Design".  The Model appears to be an 808836-05 Rev.K.
> It has a 26pin Berg connector in one corner for which I do not have a
> cable.  Now the big question. Is there anyone here who knows what this
> card is and in particular what the wiring of the Berg connector looks
> like??  Why you ask??  Because with this card in the machine thinks it
> has an RL01/RL02 controller and an RX02 controller.  If this is some
> kind of disk controller, I would love to know what disks it hooks up to.
> BUt with only a single 26 pin connector, I can't imagine what disks it
> would use.  If anyone has seen one of these or especially if you have
> documentation, I would love to hear about it.
> Also, here is another Ultrix-11 update.  In order to comply with the
> KISS principle, I have opted for a simple RL02 based system to do my
> image dumps.  Hopefully, in the next day or two I will be sending a
> tar file to Warren for the archive that will contain a pair of RL02
> images that comprise a simple bootable system for the 11/23 and if
> that works, I am going to also try to make a TS11 tape image of the
> install tape so that people can opt for whatever configuration suits
> their taste.  I will send something to the list when I get this far.
> bill
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