[pups] Yet another Ultrix-11 update

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Tue Feb 20 02:36:00 AEST 2001

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For what it's worth, the time has finally arrived for others to
get a chance to play with Ultrix-11 again.  I have sent two RL02
images off to Warren to find their way intot he archives (if he
so desires!!)  They are not without their problems, however.  I
built them on a MicroPDP-11/23.
                CPU 11/23+
                Memory 3072K
                2 RL02 disks
                1 TS11 tape

Apparently, this means more to the Ultrix than to something likr
RT11.  Using the Supnik emulator, I was unable to build a kernel
and even vi core dumps.  But then, I am not really sure just what
the Supnik emulator is emulating.  Could it perhaps be emulating
a UNIBUS box and the fact that I do not have support for the map
be a problem??  We'll see eventually, I'm sure.

I tried the demo version of E11 but it lacks sufficient memory
for this to do anything. No vi (just says :too big"), no sysgen
(just hangs).  If anybody from Dbit is listening, I don't suppose
there's any chance you would be willing to give me copies of the
full DOS and Linux versions for educational use that I could use
to test this out??

I still haven't been able to get into the Begemot site, so I
don't know if it will work with their emulator or not.

Are there any others out there worth trying it with??

But, anyway, there you have it.  Warren wil probsabyl have it up
before too long.  I am willing to answer any questions I can for
people trying to get it running.

All the best.


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