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> Subject: [pups] creating disk images
> I know it is probably simple, but my experience is with the real
> thing and this is the first time I have tried to do anything but
> play with one of the emulators.
> How do you create new blank disk images for the Supnik emulator??
> In particular, I am trying to create some RM03's to give me more
> room to work with Ultrix-11.  I am trying to make some install
> kits on different media so that more people will be able to get
> it, not only on emulators, but also on real machines, where it
> is much more fun.  :-)

I have done it with

	dd if=/dev/zero of=newdisk.dsk bs=1k count=10240

to make 10MB RL02 images.  Followed by the lightly-documented
step in the Supnik emulator of attaching the disk image and writing
the badblock table.  Followed by (for RT11) INIT/NOQ DL1

Corresponding for a Unix system would be mkfs(8) or newfs(8),
whichever you have.

I think it is only the RL disks that need the badblock step.

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