[pups] Stray Interupts

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Mon Feb 26 07:37:21 AEST 2001

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Robin Birch wrote:

> Rats,
> This means that it won't be simple to fix!!!!!!!!
> It could mean that running Ultrix on a simulator isn't on without some
> work on the emulators themselves. 

Well, that's my estimation.  I thought at first it was harmless, but
work I have attempted over this weekend using the Supnik emulator has
changed my mind.

>                                    When the SI message is generated it
> comes out with a number that looks like an address.  Would this point to
> the source of the interrupt?  On p11 it is a constant address, I just
> can't remember what it is for the moment.

Let me guess: 176700.  :-)

It's the csr of the device that issued the stray interrupt.  My guess is
your having the same trouble with p11 that I am having with Bob's.  It's
the hp device and every RP disk access causes stray interrupts.

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