[pups] RL0{1,2} platters available in Portland, OR

Aaron J. Grier agrier at poofygoof.com
Sat Jan 6 06:25:26 AEST 2001

my company was recently doing some housecleaning and unearthed about a
dozen RL01 and RL02 platters, along with a bunch of 8" RT-11 floppies,
and doc set for RT-11.

seeing that used platters seem to still be rather common, I'm sure I can
talk accounting into letting them go for the price of shipping.
Likewise with the floppies and documentation.  (of course Portland
people can pick up for free, or if you're in SE PDX, I can deliver!)

We have the original DEC packaging for many of the platters, and can
ship worldwide via UPS, DHL, etc...

I guess to bring things back on topic a little, what's the background /
specs of the RL-series drives?  I know they're 5 and 10MB, but that's
about it.  What interface boards were available for the various PDPs and
VAXen?  How fast(?)/reliable/cranky were these things?  :)

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