[pups] Help! Standalone DZ-11 driver

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Tue Jan 30 08:12:40 AEST 2001

I don't have a PDP-11, but I have done work in various ways with
remote-device installs.  If it were me I would prefer to be able
to use a device distinct from the console, for several reasons:
- a separate device might have an input silo (e.g. the DZ11 does);
the console usually doesn't.  A silo offers a little more robustness
and may allow greater speeds.
- it is better to keep the console available as a place for error
messages to show up when things go wrong.
- things are going to go wrong in any case, and I am going to have
to try booting several times.  If I have to get a serial-line switch
or move cables back and forth, that is another thing that can go
wrong, and another thing I can screw up.

On the other hand, if I had the problem I would likely be happy to
get any code that would help, whichever way it worked.  So I also
favour letting the implementor choose.

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