[pups] A bootable disk image for a PDP-11/34?

Ian King iking at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 31 08:38:15 AEST 2001

Ken, I tried using that image and gunzip told me there was a crc error; it
wouldn't unzip it.  (I downloaded it three times, just in case there was a
transmission error -- twice by ftp, once by http.)  I've also tried the
"Dennis" images, which are supposedly straight RK05 images; E11 won't boot
'em.  One issue on which I'm not clear: where is the boot address?  Stuff at
loc 0 doesn't look like boot instructions.  

If I could get an image to run in an emulator (as I mentioned, I'm running
E11 from DBit), I'd write some cheesy little loader to bring it down the
serial line (I already have it sketched out); but until I can at least get
one to boot in the emulator, I'm reluctant to spend the hours (at 9600 baud)
to spray it onto a disk.  <sigh>  

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.  -- Ian 

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I'll second that.  The V6 tape image I provided to PUPS has the
usual boot blocks at the start of the tape then as I recall three
RJ05 disk images.  Long long ago I think I got folks interested in
using emulators like Bob Supnik's by using the first tape disk image
as the "disk" image for "sim" and booted V6... but it has been more
than 6 years now since I did that and I may be rusty on details.

-- Ken

Carl Lowenstein wrote:
> Just from the historical point of view, note that the first major
> file on a genuine 6th Edition distribution tape _is_ a bootable
> RK05 image.  Something like 4000 blocks.
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> > In fact, if someone has RK05s and isn't too far away, I'd love to get a
> > bootable image on an RK05 cartridge -- of course I'd pay postage both
> > (I even have some original shipping boxes.)
> >
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> >
> > He'd like a 6th Edition bootable RK05 disk image that he can download
> > onto his real disk.
> >
> > Many thanks all!
> >
> >       Warren
> >

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