[pups] Introducing myself (long)

Jeffrey S. Sharp jss at ou.edu
Sun Mar 4 03:06:16 AEST 2001

> > Hello there!
> Nice to hear from ya. Ask as much as you feel like. I might also
> point out the info-pdp11 list, which harbours all kind of pdp-11
> fanatics, not just the unix types. :-)

Thanks for that.

> > * A kind person has offered to sell me an 11/70
> First of all 11/70s are nice machines. But expect to use a
> soldering iron once in a while, and try to get some spare cards.
> Also, I hope you have a large house, and *lots* of electricity..

I'm not afraid of a little soldering.  My current plan to ready my house for 
the machine is as follows.  First, I have a wood floor that's suspended above 
the ground by various things in the crawlspace.  I'll have to get down there 
and add some extra bracing where the machine will be.  I'll lay a solid slab of 
strong wood on top of the floor to spread the weight out.  Second, I'll have an 
electrician install the necessary power circuit.  My ballpark figures tell me 
that I need capacity for 8-10kW.

My house is small, but big enough for the 11/70.  In a year or so I will be 
building a new house, complete with its own machine room.

> The TM03 is a formatter in the sense that it interfaces to the
> massbus on one side, and to a pertec "unformatted" interface on
> the other side.

I figured it might me something like that.

> If you want the "look", you should go with RP06 drives.  They fit
> 2.11, they are supported, and they are "pretty".  However, they
> *do* require 3-phase power, they stand on their own at the floor,
> and they are *heavy*. In exact numbers, an RP06 holds 176MB.

Ah, a washing machine.  I don't have room for it now (well, not where the 
machine will be), but I will in the new house.  I've found a person that might 
sell me a RA81 to use until then.

> > * The 11/70 system in question had its front panel replaced
> > with a Datasystem 570 panel at some point.  How hard would it
> > be to find an original 11/70 front panel to put back on it?
> Could be tricky...

Hm.  I'd better start looking now.

Thanks for your response.  You have been extremely helpful.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
jss at ou.edu

Version 3.12
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