[pups] Introducing myself (long)

Lars J. Buitinck lars at fwn.rug.nl
Sun Mar 4 03:22:10 AEST 2001

This seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce myself : )
Thank you Jeffrey.

Lars Buitinck, 17 years old, student (high school, final year), UNIX
fanatic, living in the Netherlands, looking for a reasonable PDP-11
(ie., one that can run 2.11BSD). MrBill (the owner of pdp11.org) knew
where I could find an 11/73 and an 11/83 but both had to be shipped all
the way from the US, both only had one RL02 disk drive, and only one had
a tape drive.

So does anybody know where I can find a reasonably modern, moderately
sized 11, preferably from NL, DE or BE, with some reasonably large disks
(some 50-60 MB minimum, I guess)? A tape drive would be nice... unless I
can borrow one? I don't really care about the colour, as long as it
works ; )

PS.: FYI, I speak English (obviously) and Dutch (again, obviously), and
I understand French and German well enough, but please don't expect me
to mail in French or German.

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
> Hello there!  I just subscribed to the list, so I thought a message of
> introduction would be in order.  That, and I've got about 1.3 sagans of
> questions to ask :).


> The obsession state has grown to the point that I *must* obtain a PDP-11
Man, do I know that feeling

> unfortunately, I was not born 30 years earlier.
If you think you had bad luck, I was born 35 years too late. ; )

If I traveled to the end of the rainbow
As Dame Fortune did intend,
Murphy would be there to tell me
The pot's at the other end.
                -- Bert Whitney

Lars J. Buitinck

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