[pups] Spares, et. al for 11/44 system

Gregory R. Travis greg at ciswired.com
Wed Mar 7 11:07:00 AEST 2001

MANY thanks to all who responded to my questions regarding the PDP-11
equipment I recently acquired.  I believe that I am well on my way to
being able to build a fairly substantial operating 11/44 museum piece.

I was able to open up the three RA81s and inspect them.  Luckily their
heads had all been locked in place.  Unfortunately, the belt release on
all were still set in "tension."  Hopefully this will be a minor

I powered up the RA81s, all power up and start spinning the platters.  I
have not allowed any of them to rotate fast enough to load the heads though -
I want to do a good cleaning first and get them situated in their

The three RL02s also all accept power and come on.  However, they
all illuminate their fault light when power is applied.  I cannot
remember if RL02s will do this when not connected to their
controller - anyone?

Finally, I have two 1MB Standard Memories memory boards, a 256K
Standard Memories board, 2 DEC 256K memory boards, 1 DEC 1MB
memory board, and 1 512K National Semiconductor memory board (see below).
All these are 11/44 memories.

Does anyone have CSR/etc. DIP switch settings for the Standard Memories
and/or Nat. Semi boards?  I can't find anything on the 'net and I
have no other documentation.



p.s.  The Nat. Semi board is a bit strange.  It has an area of
16x4 TI 64K-bit chips (i.e  64x64k/8 = .5MB) and another
area of 10x4 TI 64K-bit chips (i.e. .3MB).  No matter
what I do, I can't do the math to get this board to
fit into a 256/512/1MB size.  I ASSUME it's a .5MB
board, but what about the extra chips?

Gregory Travis
Cornerstone Information Systems ATS
greg at ciswired.com
812 330 4361 ext. 18

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