[pups] Spares, et. al for 11/44 system

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> Subject: [pups] Spares, et. al for 11/44 system
> p.s.  The Nat. Semi board is a bit strange.  It has an area of
> 16x4 TI 64K-bit chips (i.e  64x64k/8 = .5MB) and another
> area of 10x4 TI 64K-bit chips (i.e. .3MB).  No matter
> what I do, I can't do the math to get this board to
> fit into a 256/512/1MB size.  I ASSUME it's a .5MB
> board, but what about the extra chips?

Nat.Semi. used to make ECC memory boards for the PDP11.

I had one once, it looks like you have one now.  My arithmetic says 5
extra bits per 8-bit byte makes for single-error correcting, dual-error
detecting ECC on the byte level.  Vaxes do it with 39 bits per 32-bit
word, Alphas do it with 72 bits per 64-bit word.  Economy of scale.

As I remember, you could just ignore the ECC and it would work like
a standard parity memory board, except that it very rarely had any
parity errors.


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