[pups] Cabinet Questions

Jeffrey S. Sharp jss at ou.edu
Tue Mar 20 17:30:38 AEST 2001

Many thanks to those of you who have answered my previous questions.  I have
obtained the 1976 peripherals manual, and have read just enough to bring up
the next set of questions.  This round is about cabineting.

In the peripherals manual, the H960 cabinet comes in two models: the -C and
the -D.  The -D model has a sliding drawer in the lower half of the cabinet
that provides space for 9 "system units".  What are these "system units"?
How big are they?  What goes there?  When do you need the -D model?

Let's say I want to ultimately build a 11/70 system with a TE16/TM03 (in its
own cabinet, I guess), a TU56/TC11, a paper tape reader/punch (PC11?), 3 or
4 RK05s, and 1 or 2 RP04s.  What set of cabinets do I need for this system?
Assume the CPU has the SETASI memory upgrades and not core.

Una vez mas... Let's say I want to ultimately build a 11/40 system with the
same peripherals as above minus the RP04s and with a TU10/TM11 as the
9-track.  What kind of cabineting do I need here?  Assume the CPU has MOS
memory and not core.

I've got guesses, but I'd like to keep them private to save myself the
embarassment. :-)

Finally, how much weight can a H960 support?

Jeffrey S. Sharp
jss at ou.edu

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