[pups] missing V6 Docs

Ian King iking at microsoft.com
Wed May 2 09:06:28 AEST 2001

I recall stumbling across them in an odd place in Ken Wellsch's
distribution.  I'll try to remember to look when I get home (it's on my
PDP-11) and send another mail -- Ian 

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In "SETTING UP UNIX - Sixth Edition" some documents are mentioned that
are not in the V6 distribution (v6doc in from Dennis or the
corresponding part of the tape from Ken Wellsch). These are: (numbers
from the cover page)

	10. NROFF Users' Manual
	12. A Manual for the Tmg compiler-writing Language
	14. The M6 Macro Processor
	15. A System for Typewriting Mathematics
	16. DC - An interactive desk calculator

Does anyone know, why these docs were not included in the distribution
if they are somewhere on minnies disks? I am only searching for the V6
docs, not V7, where these files were distributed. Just curious.


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